Recover Lost Toolbars

This is something that has happened to all of us.  You drag a toolbar over to the edge of your screen with the intention of docking it and instead it disappears.  It seems as though your toolbar has fallen off the edge of the earth, or at least the edge of your monitor, and you wonder if there is anyway to recover it.  Well the good news is you can recover that lost toolbar and it isn’t that hard to do.

1. First you need to verify that the toolbar is turned on.  Select Tools > Customize > Toolbars.


2. Any toolbar that has a check beside it is turned on.
So if your lost toolbar is turned on and not visible anywhere on the screen then it is floating somewhere in space and we need to bring it back.

3. Close the Customize dialog box.

4. Now at the command line type:

5. You will be asked to type in the toolbar name.  Be careful with the all option here because it will affect all of your toolbars and can make quite a mess.

6. When asked to enter an option type an F for Float.

7. Now you are asked to enter a new position for the toolbar.
In this case the units are pixels on the screen and 0,0 is the upper left corner.  So 250,250 is somewhere in the middle of your screen.  It depends on your screen resolution.

8. Finally you are asked for the number of rows for the toolbar.  Just take the default of 1.

This should bring your toolbar back to the center of your screen and you can then reposition it as desired.

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