Creating PLT Files With The Publish Command

Over the years there have been several different options for batch plotting.  The Publish command has combined the more traditional batch plotting of several drawings or layouts to a plotter with the option of plotting them all to a single DWF file.  But what if you still need to create plot files (PLT files)?  Well the good news is that the Publish command can handle this as well, with a little setup.

First you must create a plot device that is set to plot to a file.  Go to the PLOT command and select the desired plot device.  Then pick the Properties button.  This takes you to the Plotter Configuration Editor dialog box.  Select the Ports tab and the Plot to File option.  Pick OK to close the Plotter Configuration Editor.  When asked to save the changes to the printer configuration file select the option to Save Changes to the Following File and type in a descriptive file name.  Back in the Plot dialog box this new plot device is set current.  Continue making any other desired changes to the settings in the Plot dialog box such as paper size and plot style table.  Finally save these settings as a Page Setup by selecting the Add button in the Page Setup area of the Plot dialog box.  The Publish command will use this Page Setup for all of it’s settings when we run our batch plot.  Cancel out of the Plot dialog box.

Now select the Publish command from the File pull-down menu.  All the Layouts in your drawing are automatically added to the Sheets to Publish list.  You can also add layouts from other drawings with the Add Sheets button.  Select the option to Publish to the Plotter Named In The Page Setup.  Then select the Page Setup that you created earlier for each Sheet.  Select the Publish button to plot the sheets to PLT files.  A PLT file for each sheet will now be created named with the convention Drawing Name-Layout Name.plt.

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