Customer Testimonials

I have been teaching with Rick Ellis and Russell Martin's AutoCAD Map 3D books several years. These Map 3D books have been an excellent teaching resource with easy to follow steps. I would recommend these books to any teacher looking for a practical guide.
Nick Shayeghi
Central Piedmont Community College
After trying many Civil 3D textbooks and training materials in my classes I have found A Practical Guide to AutoCAD Civil 3D to be comprehensive and detailed yet not overwhelming. This book is organized the way a professional would develop a civil engineering project giving clear and concise steps, exercises, and guides along the way to quick proficiency in using AutoCAD Civil 3D. The best on the market! I continue to recommend this guide to my colleagues.
Danial L. Perry, MBA, PLS
Utah Valley University
The instructor PowerPoint presentations are awesome! I have to say, these help take my classes to the next level. I have customized them with the University of Portland logo and presentation template to integrate them as part of the class. Thank you for these fantastic presentations! I can't rave enough about them. I will be able to teach the Spring term at PCC with my eyes closed... Ok, maybe not, but they are a great addition to the class.
Chuck Litchfield
University of Portland
Rick Ellis is one of the leading authorities on Civil Engineering software in the United States. He is the author of Digging in AutoCAD Civil 3D which later was published as A Practical Guide to AutoCAD Civil 3D, A Practical Guide to AutoCAD Map 3D and others. He lectures and teaches seminars across the country. I have attended his seminars. The textbooks Rick Ellis has written have been an exceptional addition to my classroom. They are written with thought and imagination. They are direct and to the point. They are easy for the students to follow yet challenging enough to keep the students interested and using their skills and learning to think through exercises. I would suggest all Civil Engineering professors review his books. Once read and reviewed I would venture to say, they will be using them in the classroom.
Robert Vetrano
Springfield Technical Community College

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