Offsets or True Buffers in AutoCAD

You are most likely familiar with the OFFSET command in AutoCAD and have probably used it thousands of times or more.  It is a great way to create parallel copies of an object.  But when you need a true buffer this may not be the best solution.  This is where the OFFSETGAPTYPE system variable comes to the rescue.  By setting the OFFSETGAPTYPE to 1 you get a true buffer when you use the OFFSET command.


Give it a try for yourself.  If you need to create a buffer for project boundaries, wetlands, impact areas or anything else, this might save you a lot of time.

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      Hi Alex,
      If we are talking about Civil 3D, grading corners are automatically rounded. But call or message me through the contact form on this site and I’d be happy to discuss what you are trying to do and some options that might help.

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