Working With AutoCAD Dimensions In Land Desktop

Working With AutoCAD Dimensions In Land Desktop can be frustrating if you decide to fight with the program. The first and most important step in relieving this frustration is understanding what variables Land Desktop is going to control. This will allow you to work with the program rather than fighting against it.

By design, Land Desktop will automatically create a Dimension Style Override for your current Dimension Style. This Style Override automatically sets several values, but the most important are the Overall Dimension Scale and the Dimension Text Style. These values come from the Land Desktop “Drawing Setup command”. If you modify or remove the Dimension Style Override Land Desktop will recreate it the next time you use a Land Desktop command. So the best way to control your Dimensions is to setup a Dimension Style that sets the arrow size, text size, and all other dimension variables to the height that you would like them to plot and then control the Dimension Scale by setting the Horizontal Scale in the Drawing Setup command.

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