Section Views & Sample Lines

While Section Views are dynamic and will reflect the changes to the corridor model they are also dynamic to the location of the Sample Lines. As an example, let’s say you sampled your lines with a swath width of 70’ left and 90’ right. After doing this you realized that at a certain Sample Line you want to see more detail to the left, say out to 86’. The simple thing to do is select the Sample Line and then use the triangle grip that appears on the left side to stretch the Sample Line further to the left.

Now we wanted to move from 70’ to 86’ in our example so we can use the relative commands like @0,16 to stretch the Sample Line our required distance. Another way to accomplish this would be to offset the alignment the 86’ then stretch the grip to the offset line. The last method could take care of figuring out those more challenging angles.

Now if you take a look at the Section View derived from the Sample Line you edited you will see that it is stretch to reflect the new location of the Sample Line. If you only wanted to take a quick peek at the surface out there you can always use undo to get back to the 70’ left Sample Line again.

In Summary

The flexibility of the Sample Lines is another tool that you can keep readily available for those times when it will come in useful.

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