Save the Current Map as a New Drawing

One of the many powerful features of AutoCAD Map 3D is Thematic Mapping, which allows you to quickly alter the way AutoCAD objects appear.  For instance, you can use it to display all of the lines on a sewer pipe layer using different colors, representing the size of each pipe.

A major benefit of Thematic Mapping is that it does not permanently alter the AutoCAD objects, only the way they appear.  The originalAutoCAD object properties remain unchanged, but you now have a new way to display them.  You can instantly switch back and forth between thematic mapping styles and the original properties.

However, there may be times when you want to save the objects, or the entire map, with this new display style. You may want to share this styled map with an AutoCAD user, or with someone who uses an earlier version of AutoCAD Map 3D.

This tool is available from the Task Pane, Display Manager tab.  Click on the Tools icon, and select  > Save Current Map to DWG


In AutoCAD Map 3D 2010, this tool is also available from the Output ribbon tab; Map Data Transfer panel.

Command line users, enter “MapExportCurrentMapToDWG”.

Using this tool will save a new drawing with any object properties altered by the thematic map style as permanent properties.  For example, if your original drawing has sewer pipes colored green by layer, and your currently displayed map shows those same objects in different colors, based on their pipe size, in the new drawing file each object will be colored by entity.

It also works with features connected via FDO.  This can be especially handy for fixing those dynamic labels in place; they are saved as standard AutoCAD text.

This one is worth saving in your bag of tricks, so that the next time you come up with a stylized map that you want to save out as a separate drawing, it’s just a click away.

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