My Open And New Dialog Boxes Are Missing

From time to time you may find that your Open, New, Save As, or any other dialog box that is used with a command that reads and writes files does not appear. You are left feeling as if you are back in DOS using AutoCAD 10 as you see a prompt at the command line asking for a path and file name. Don’t worry there is an easy fix for this. At the command prompt type in FILEDIA. You will probably find that it is set to 0. Change it to 1. That’s it. Now try the Open command. It should be back to normal.

Now I know that some of you will want to know why this happened to you in the first place. Most likely you cancelled out of a command that was utilizing the FILEDIA system variable. Many programmers use this in their routines to turn off the dialog boxes while their command is running. It is much easier for a programmer to supply information at the command line rather than fill out a dialog box during a command. If that command is run to it’s conclusion it should reset the FILEDIA variable as well as any others that it changed. The program should also be written so that those same system variables are reset if you cancel out of the program. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and this is the most common cause of the FILEDIA variable getting set to 0 causing you to lose your file dialog boxes.

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