Labeling Structures from the Top or Bottom in Civil 3D

I’m often asked questions by users that are frustrated when labeling pipe network Structures in Civil 3D.  They would like the label to extend out of the top or bottom of the structure but instead it is being labeled at the center, even when the label is dragged to another location and displayed in the dragged state as shown in the examples below.


The answer to this is found in the Pipe Network Feature Settings.  On the Settings tab of the Toolspace, right-click on Pipe Network and select Edit Feature Settings.


In the Edit Feature Settings – Pipe Network dialog box expand Default Profile Label Placement.  Then set Structure Label Placement to At Top of Structure.  (You can also set it to place the label at the bottom of the structure.)

This setting will not dynamically change any of the structure labels that are currently in your drawing.  But it will insert any new labels that you create at the desired location.  This is a setting that you should save to your drawing template if you want to label structures this way as a standard.

This setting along with a simple edit to your label style to change the rotation of the text and add a line will automatically label structures as shown below.


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