Improve Civil 3D Performance by Optimizing Label Styles

Most of us are always looking for ways to improve the performance of Civil 3D, let’s be honest, no matter how fast things get it could always be faster.  One thing to consider is the way that your Label Styles are set up.  The main thing here that you need to understand is that each component that you have in a Label Style has a location that is determined by the Anchor Point, Attachment, X Offset and Y Offset.  This location must be calculated by Civil 3D each time you perform a regen.  So the more components you have the more calculations that Civil 3D needs to do, which equals more time.  Granted, this is a small amount of time, but if you have several components in a large number of labels these small amounts of time can all add up.

The most common area that this makes a significant impact is with Points, as it is not uncommon to have large numbers of points in a drawing and often they are all labeled.  To compound this issue it is common to have Point Label Styles that use more components than they need.  For example, if you want the Point labeled with the Point Number, Elevation, and Description all stacked in order vertically; you do not need a component for each of these.  You only need one component to create the Label.


The example above shows a typical Point Label Style that uses three components, one each for the Number, Elevation, and Description.


The Example above shows the same Label Style edited to use only one component that includes all three values for the Number, Elevation, and Description.


You can see how the single component was set up in the example above.

This may not be the best solution in all cases as you will lose the capability of moving the Number, Elevation, and Description components individually that you had when it was set up with three components.  But if you don’t need to move them individually it will speed up your drawing if it contains large numbers of Points as it needs to do about a third of the math to determine the locations of the labels.

This concept will apply to any Civil 3D Labels.  However, the improvements that you notice in performance will be based on the number of Labels in the drawing.  So it may be a more noticeable improvement with Points because drawings often contain large numbers of them compared to other objects.

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