Digit Grouping with Commas in Civil 3D

Sometimes it can be the little things in life that can make you happy, or that can annoy you and drive you crazy, depending on how they are going. And this little addition to Civil 3D 2011 certainly fits into this category, in a good way. Have you wanted to add a comma as the thousands separator to a label in Civil 3D? If so you are like me and found that this option simply did not exist. (with the exception of some involved work arounds) So we were left with large numbers looking rather ugly and cumbersome to read.

This finally changed in Civil 3D 2011 with the addition of Digit Grouping and Digit Grouping Symbol options in the Text Component Editor. This simply gives us the option to set the grouping format and symbol used on any number in our labels.
In the example above we have a label style that is labeling the area of a parcel using a comma as the symbol and digit grouping to the thousands. It seems like such a simple and small thing, but it certainly makes large numbers in your labels look better and in my opinion, it’s a little feature that has a big impact.

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