Bringing Excel Spreadsheets into AutoCAD

AutoCAD 2005 brought us the long awaited Table object, and later versions have improved it to support more advanced features including formulas. The Table object allows you to create a table in AutoCAD that has rows, columns, and cells that can be formatted with a table style. You can also create a table with a copy and paste directly from Excel. You may have done this in previous versions and created an OLE object, which is still an option. But if you prefer not to use the OLE object, or if you have had problems with it in the past, you can now use the Paste Special command to create a Table object. After copying the desired data in Excel, in AutoCAD select Edit >> Paste Special.


Choose the option to Paste as AutoCAD Entities. Then click <<OK>>. This will create a table in AutoCAD populated with the data you copied from Excel. The table can be formatted by grip editing, using the Properties command, or editing the Table Style with the Format >> Table Style command.

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