Accessing Geodatabase Files from ESRI

Autodesk has added the capability to access Geodatabases that were created with ESRI ArcGIS 9 products.  This new FDO Provider utility is available to Map 3D and Civil 3D subscription customers, as part of the Map 3D 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack.  It adds the capability to directly access all three types of Geodatabase files:

  • Personal Geodtatbase (.mdb file types)
  • File Geodatabase (.gdb file types)
  • Enterprise/ArcSDE server-based Geodatabases
    (running on SQL Server or Oracle  systems)

This is great news for organizations that use both Autodesk and ESRI software.  We can hope that this capability will become a permanent part of the core Map 3D product soon.  You can learn more about accessing ESRI Geodatabases by following this link.

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