A 3 day introduction to the basic features in AutoCAD Map 3D, which are also included in Civil 3D.

In this 3 day, hands-on course, you will gain proficiency with the basic tools in AutoCAD Map 3D. This powerful set of tools is a stand-alone Autodesk product, but the same tools are also included in Civil 3D.


  • Repair basic drawing errors with Drawing Cleanup
  • Add user-defined properties as Object Data
  • Attach and link to External Data
  • Automate text labels with Annotation
  • Draft geometry precisely with COGO
  • Track Coordinates between different systems
  • Import and Export other GIS geometry and data
  • Use Queries to simplify complex tasks, including
  • Elevating “flat” contours, and
  • Converting between coordinate systems
  • Display your data in new ways with Thematic Mapping

3 days

Basic Proficiency with AutoCAD